Welcome to my Garage sale

Filled with a wonderful assortment of miscellanea accumulated over 30 years of collecting and dealing in old army stuff of all countries and most time periods.

 Here you will find items of all types that I didn't feel like classifying and putting into other pages. They are cheap. Spend over $150 and you get free postage. (unless one of the items is really, really heavy; in that case, I'll put in the description that there is no free postage on it)

I have put about a wheelbarrow full of items here. Some of it is good stuff and some of it is crap. I'll let you be the judge. Tune in again later because I will put another wheelbarrow load here as soon as I can get around to it.


January 10

I put some more stuff into the garage sale.


Item # 200 WW2 German gas mask lenses, 5 sets


5 wax paper packets; each containing a pair of 1944 dated German gas mask lenses. $15 for the lot.



Item # 201 Soviet "McDonald's" medal


Here are 8 medals which were given to the very first Russian "McDonald's" employees when the Moscow McDonald's opened back in the 1980s. Buy this lot and award you fast-food-loving friends. $10 for all.



Item # 202 WW2 German M36 tunic eagle


Original. removed from a tunic. SOLD



Item # 203 Soviet MG gunner badge


Proficiency badge for a MG gunner. I'm almost sure it is fake. $7.00



Item # 204 1942 dated US Camel cigarettes and celluloid carrier


100% original 1943 dated Camel cigarette package in a celluloid plastic holder which has pacific place names scratched into it. $50.00



Item # 205 WW2 German n8mm ammo boxes, empty


3 cardboard boxes. Empty. $10.00



Item # 206 WW2 US sling


I do not know what kind of sling this is. No markings whatsoever. Seems at least WW2 vintage. $20.00



Item # 207 WW2 US K-ration


100% original. It has the wax sealed inner box with all goodies apparently still inside. SOLD



Item # 208 WW2 German leather strap


Original WW2 German leather equipment strap. SOLD



Item # 209 WW2 German leather strap


Original German leather equipment strap. Marked. $12.00



Item # 210 WW2 Era German Christmas tree stand


How cool is this? made from heavy cast iron. 1930s or 1940s vintage. So completely German. The German sort of invented Christmas trees you know... $65.00



Item # 211 WW2 German gas mask can


Original Gas mask can dated 1943. Post war painted in DAK tan. I can' tell how much original paint is beneath. No holes or significant damage. $50.00



Item # 212 WW2 German KM Egg cup


100% original cup for holding your poached agg at breakfast. KM marked. $25.00



Item # 213 WW2 German army horse shoe


100% original German army issue Horse shoe. Sized 4. Dated 943. $25.00



Item # 214 WW2 German salve tube


This is a small toothpaste tube sized thing. Marked for SS use. I have no idea if it is period. SOLD



Item # 215 WW2 German badges


4 German badges. All fakes. SOLD



Item # 217 WW2 German cigarette lighters


This is three aluminum body cigarette lighters of ww2 period. $10.00



Item # 218 WW2 Bandages


4 bandages. each is dated december 1942. Made in Australia for commonwealth use. $8.00



Item # 219 WW2 German badges


Three badges. Fake SOLD



Item # 221 WW2 German leather belt


This belt was made with the brown smooth side outward. I have no idea why. Luftwaffe? It is originally sewn and is maker marked and dated 1943. $50.00



Item # 222 WW2 US officer hat


I just can't throw this away. It's sized and has a moth hole. SOLD



Item # 223 18th century European mess kit


I am guessing at the vintage. It is very old. Made of heavy brass or copper. 11 inches wide. Not a marking on it. I would expect to see something like this used during Napoleon's time. $50



Item # 224 WW2 US knife, 1944


Original WW2 US mess knife $5.00



Item # 197  Small size color poster prints (13" X 19")

These are photos which have been enlargened sharpened or cropped to fit the size ratio. Printed on Kodak Paper. 13" X 19" is a standard size and a variety of frames can be found in retail stores or at Amazon. I charge $12.00 each. USPS charges $2.39 for the tub box + $4.50 to send it anywhere in the US. The box and shipping cost remains the same for any number of prints. Check them out. There may be something that you will want for your wall.


F G   H

I  J  K  L



Item # 65 Nazi Art poster sized photo


This is a brand-new, modern print (of a period painting) on 13 X 19 inch lusterless photo paper. Would be great framed on your wall. I would mail this in a tube. $12.00


Item # 66 Tiger tank poster size photo


This is a brand-new, modern print (of a period photo) on 13 X 19 inch lusterless photo paper. The photo was taken at Hillersleben Panzer training grounds in late 1942 when the tiger tank was being introduced to the Panzer men. I would mail this in a tube  $12.00. 



Item # 193 WW M17 helmet liner frame


This was taken out of a WW1 M16 helmet. The liner with the steel frame is known as the M17 or M16/17. The pads are gone but most paint is still there. It is for a size 66 helmet. $20.00




Item # 163 WW2 German MP40 muzzle thread protector, 2nd model


This is an original nut made 1942 to 1945 when they did not serial number these. $28.00




Item # 164 WW1 German helmet frontal armor


This is a mediocre reproduction. It weighs about 6 pounds and has a dull ring when you strike it so it is cast rather than forged. $90.00




Item # 165 WW2 German canteen


The canteen body is red painted steel, dated 1943. Original cloth over and original leather carry harness. The cup is probably not original. SOLD




Item # 166 WW2 US Ball-in-hole game


Period WW2 vintage home-front item. I have tried to solve this puzzle/game. It's not easy. I tried for 20 minutes then gave up in disgust. Now it's your turn. $10.00




Item # 173 GermanM38 helmet chinstrap


This is a medium quality reproduction for the German M38 paratrooper helmet $15.00



Item # 175 WW2 German soldier's bet used by Soviet soldier



Here is the most interesting item in today's garage sale. A German issue leather belt that was used by a Soviet soldier. The name is written in Cryllic "Yanko, Alex"; probably Ukrainian. I don't know if the guy was a partisan or a soldier of one of the Ost-Battalions. Fascinating nonetheless. SOLD




Item # 176 WW2 DAK helmet insignia


I think it is aluminum cast. It is very old and may actually be some sort of theater made type. It's only $15.00 so you be the judge.




Item # 177 WW1 Belgian Croix de guerre


Yes, the Royal Belgian army corps had it's share of heroes as well. This is an original King Albert model from before 1920. Has a palm device on the original ribbon. $20.00




Item # 178 WW1 French combatants cross


This is the WW1 French version of the infantry assault badge. Every front-line guy got one. Original ribbon. $10.00




Item # 179 WW1 French Verdun city medal


This is an original example of the medel awarded by the city of Verdun to all personnel who took part in it's defense. (including US soldiers in 1918) $25.00





Item # 182 WW2 German helmet decal


Original, Unapplied Police or SS party shield. Made by E. Wunderliche and company. $90.00



Item # 190 WW2 German helmet decal


This is a batch of 3 not so great condition police decals made by Methner & Burger. They are fairly early but only show up on re-issue helmets. $100 takes them all.




Item # 16 WW2 German tropical gas mask lenses


This is a 1943 dated package of tropical issue lenses for the German M38 gas mask. They are packaged in sealed tin due to the climate in Afrika. $15.00



Item # 17 WW2 German MG42 50rd drum magazine


This is an original magazine with a faint maker marking and even fainter date. Definitely not a Yugo one because those are never marked at all. It has been repainted in perfectly matched ordnance tan on the outside and oxide red primer on the inside; just as originals. $125.00




Item # 25 WW1 German soldier portrait


Here is a great WW1 German soldiers portrait showing all his field gear, uniform and weapon. Printed on 3 X 5 inch sized post-card stock as was typical of the time. $11.00



Item # 26 WW1 German soldier portrait


Here is a great WW1 German soldiers portrait showing all his field gear, uniform and weapon. Printed on 3 X 5 inch sized post-card stock as was typical of the time. $11.00




Item # 29 WW2 German bicycle photo


This is a 1943 dated photo ( 2 X 3 inches) of German soldiers from a fahrad unit. Note all the cool details. $12.00



Item # 40 D-day 40th anniversary souvenir


This is a ceramic liquor container made in a commemorative shape for the 1984 celebration of the D-Day 40th anniversary. Remember when Ronald Reagan and Nancy went to Normandy and toured the Omaha beach cemetery and point du hoc? Well, other guys stayed at home and drank Jim Beam from this decanter. I used to go to all the anniversaries in France and used to collect D-Day anniversary items but who has the space anymore? $20.00


Item # 47 WW1 US trench lighter


These are really neat things. All original ones were made by the Bower manufacturing company in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 1917-1919; they were made from brass. Nickel plated ones were made by a company in 1945-46 Austria. This is a WW1 example made by Bower and s fully functional.  $20.00



Item #53 WW1 trench art pair...look closely!


This is a pair of 37mm WW1 shells which have been engraved with a three-panel scene of a hunter stalking a goose, then killing it, than cutting it up. Each shell has the same scene except they are reversed from each other. Never saw a more interesting set. I bought these in Belgium in the late 1990s. You can buy them now. $100.00



Item # 56 WW2 EARLY German belt buckle


This type of buckle was designed during the last years of the Reichswehr and was used by the new Wehrmacht until they came out with their own swastika type. I saw a photo of a pile of these things dug out of a trench line at Stalingrad. Makes sense as many of the regiments of 6th army were founded very early. This example is made from early nickel alloy. The maker mark is worn off the tab. $100.00



Item # 61 WW2 era German Hirschfanger



This is a Bavarian style Hirschfanger with a blade about 11 inches long. No maker marking and a blade that is decent but not mint. ON HOLD




Item # 101 WW1 German mess kit


This is a tinned steel WW1 German mess kit that is missing the handle and the carry bale. No leaks so it is perfect for restoration and use. $20.00




Item # 113 WW2 US Pilot's chit


This is a dual language chit to be used by US pilot who may be shot down over Soviet controlled territory during WW2. It comes in a celluloid plastic carrier meant to be worn around the neck. Has basic instructions on what do do to communicate with Russians in the event. ( no matter chit or not... how many US pilots and air crew were forcibly detained by the Soviets after the war; nobody knows. Rumors were that English-speaking men were found in far east settlements as late as the 1990s.) The chit is yours for $90.00



Item # 114 WW1 German canteen


An original enameled steel M1893 canteen made between around 1915-1916. And it looks like it's been used every day since then. No leaks or dents though. $20.00



Item # 115 WW2 US paratrooper chin cup


This is the type used very late. Some say post-war. some say spring of 1945. Still it makes a cheaper alternative to the early -war ones; which are hundreds of $. This one is $50.00



Item # 116 WW2 German war games band


100% original pre-war games-band for an M16 or M35 helmet. (Helmet not included) $75.00



Item # 116-A WW2 Japanese rifle sling


reproduction from the 1990s. Perfect for your sling-less Arisaka rifle. $25.00




Item # 120 WW2 "Kilroy was here"


original 1940s celluloid statuette featuring a pregnant European teen-ager. How fun....$25.00




Item # 130 WW2 German lamp


This is a 5 inch-tall sheet metal candle lantern painted in ordnance tan color. No markings but 100% original $50.00



Item # 140 WW2 map


A war map from Esso gas stations during the war. Helps you follow our soldiers movements in the Pacific theater. $10.00


Item # 141 East German paper


An east German newspaper from the anniversary of communism. I bought this in Leipzig (formerly Karl Marx Stadt) just after the fall of the wall. $15.00


Item # 142 Bottle


A very cool molded bottle from the 1870-1880s. An applied top. Greenish glass. Very neat. No chips. $15.00


Item # 143 Japanese WW2 belt


I think this is a Japanese leather waist belt. I cannot make out the marking. It is for a tiny waist. $70.00



Item # 148 WW2 grenade


This is a two piece plastic resin molded Japanese grenade that you can buy for $20.00


Item # 149 French wine bottle/canteen


Some US wine importer in the early 1920s offered cognac in a ceramic bottle that resembled the famous French 1 liter canteen used through-out WW1. This example has a chip at the throat. I think I paid $60 years ago when I was interested in WW1 stuff big-time. Look what an investment I made....$25.00



Item # 151 WW1 German pillows


2 German M16-M18 helmet liner pillows. 100% original. $20.00


Item # 152 WW2 crest


This is a WW2 infantry unt crest; I don't know which unit but it is predominantly blue...so that means infantry. Made from celluloid; which I am told is quite rare. $10.00


Item # 154 WW1 scythe


a 1918 dated scythe. Military? I don't know. But they would they date a civilian one? Perfect to accompany a forge hammer and create a Communist symbol $15.00


Item # 155 French badges


7 French regimental badges from the 1930s-1950s. $15.00





I had a lot of fun putting all this stuff onto this page. I'll put another load on here again as soon as I can find the time.

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