Welcome to my Garage sale

Filled with a wonderful assortment of miscellanea accumulated over 30 years of collecting and dealing in old army stuff of all countries and most time periods.

 Here you will find items of all types that I didn't feel like classifying and putting into other pages. They are cheap. Spend over $150 and you get free postage. (unless one of the items is really, really heavy; in that case, I'll put in the description that there is no free postage on it)

I have put about a wheelbarrow full of items here. Some of it is good stuff and some of it is crap. I'll let you be the judge. Tune in again later because I will put another wheelbarrow load here as soon as I can get around to it.


April 11, 2018....I just added a bushel of items to the garage sale.



Item 201



This is a German municipal fireman helmet from the city of Nassau. about 1900-1920  SOLD



Item 202


This is a WW1 French soldiers folding lantern with isinglass windows. A bit rusty but it folds as it should. $35.00



Item 203


This is a Canteen of WW2 German vintage but I have no idea specifially what. It came home with a group of items from a US 28th inf div veteran. SOLD



Item 204


This is a post war German holster for a small frame pistol. anything which is 7.65 caliber is likely to fit. $20.00ON HOLD



Item 205


WW1 trench art made from a British bullet and a German button. $15



Item 206


This is a pack of WW2 Italian cigarettes. Came from a US 3rd div veteran years ago. I think he got them in Africa. $20.00



Item 207


This is a prussian spike helmet plate with no loops. Repro? original? I don't know. $10.00ON HOLD



Item 208


This is a repro HJ knife made in China. $12.00ON HOLD



Item 209


This is (I think) a repro HJ sport prize badge. Really well made. Could be real but I'm selling it as high quality repro. $35.00ON HOLD



Item 210


A woddeen stick grenade key fob. $4.00



Item 211


An original WW2 US pineapple grenade that has been repainted in 1930-1941 yellow (for fragmentation) All original except the paint.  $100.00  INERT



Item 212


This is a 100% original US pineapple grenade. Original paint. $175.00 INERT



Item 213


An original WW2 US pineapple grenade that has been repainted in wartime olive drab with yellow band at the neck (for fragmentation) All original except the paint.  $100.00  INERT



Item 214


This is a post war German map case. ON HOLD



Item 215


This is an original wartime German carry strap for the field telephone. It has some waffen ampts on the leather which I have tried to photograph. SOLD



Item 216


Original used German leather officers belt. Total length is 40 inches so the usable length is 32 -36 inches. $40.00ON HOLD



Item 217


Repro SS insignia lot ON HOLD



Item 218



4 original leather German equipment straps ranging in lengths. 2 are dated 1942. One has an additional buckle on it (?)  SOLD



Item 219


This is three new made prints with frames about 5 X 7 prints. $15.00



Item 220


This is an original WW2 US airborne overseas hat. Original sewn insignia. ON HOLD



Item 221


This is a groupf of airborne insignia. I don't know what the IDs are. ON HOLD



Item 222


This is an original surrender leaflet dropped on the Germans to make them surrender and give them safe passage through US lines. $35.00


Item 223


This is a 1930s war-games band for German helmets. No markings at all. Very few were marked anyway. $15.00ON HOLD



I had a lot of fun putting all this stuff onto this page. I'll put another load on here again as soon as I can find the time.

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