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Filled with a wonderful assortment of miscellanea accumulated over 30 years of collecting and dealing in old army stuff of all countries and most time periods.

 Here you will find items of all types that I didn't feel like classifying and putting into other pages. They are cheap. Spend over $150 and you get free postage. (unless one of the items is really, really heavy; in that case, I'll put in the description that there is no free postage on it)

I have put about a wheelbarrow full of items here. Some of it is good stuff and some of it is crap. I'll let you be the judge. Tune in again later because I will put another wheelbarrow load here as soon as I can get around to it.

Saturday, November 18; I just added a few more






Item # 1 WW2 German gas mask 1943


Here is a very nice and complete German gas mask dated 1943 on the snout piece and the filter has a 1943 date as well. All straps are present and securely fastened. The rubber face piece is pliable with no dry-rot. $50.00



Item # 2 WW2 German equipment strap


Why are these things so hard to find? The German must have made them by the bushel. This one is very sound and usable with a 1941 date. ON HOLD



Item # 3 WW2 Red army Guards badge


NO body did better things with red enamel than the communists. Even the humble guards badge was a sight to look at. This is a WW2 one. (Post war types have the fringe added t the bottom of the banner.) The badge is emblazoned with the simple word "Gvardya" (Guards) The screw nut is missing from the back. $10.00ON HOLD



Item # 4 WW1 German canteen


This is an original enameled canteen body made in 1917. No dents or leaks (in case you want to use it) the cover is original but is missing the cork and leather strap. $30.00



Item # 5 WW2 Japanese canteen



Note how the two Japanese charecters which are scratched into the front of the bottle are also sewn onto the cnvas carry strap. The guy named both parts. The canteen is dented inward on the back. The strap has a mouse chew on it. He didn't eat much. Just a snack. SOLD



Item # 6 WW2  German equipment strap


Here is another of these; same as item #2 except the date is 1943ON HOLD




Item # 7 WW2 US Pinapple grenade [INERT]



This is an inert original early war grenade in it's original storage/transport can. The body has original paint and the fuze lever has the correct nomenclature stamped at the top. ON HOLD



Item # 8 WW2 German aircraft tail-wheel



This is a roughly 12 or 14 inch tail-wheel with a continental rubber tire on it. I am not sure if there is an inner tube inside or if the air is held directly by the tire but the seal between tire and rim is perfect and the tire holds air-pressure. (One could currently use this for their wheel-barrow.) See all the markings and take note of the exact size stamps on it in case you want to research which type of aircraft this came from. It is definitely WW2 vintage because it came from an 8th air-force veteran in Michigan about 10 years ago. He said it was from a fighter plane but couldn't remember which type. Only that it was the smallest aircraft part that he could fit into his luggage for the return trip to the US in 1946. SOLD


Item # 9 WW2 German 20mm round holder


This is a stamped metal pan that used to hold German 20mm flak rounds. There is not a marking on it. In case you need it, I'd like to get $10 for it.


Item # 10 Post WW2 American men's magazine


This is a men's magazine from the 1950s-60s with really tacky articles and magazine cover showing scantily clad ladies being menaced by Nazi nudniks. SOLD



Item # 11 Post WW2 American men's magazine


This is a men's magazine from the 1950s-60s with really tacky articles and magazine cover showing scantily clad ladies being menaced by Communist meanies. SOLD



Item # 12 WW2 German soldier's dress gloves


I don't know what these are made of but the buttons say "Actual wild[game] leather" in German. SOLD



Item # 13 WW2 Luger holster converted by US GI


This is a 1941 dated Luger holster that was modified by a veteran to be attached to a US army M1928 pistol belt. I would guess it was done so the guy could carry his trophy Luger in the field. SOLD



Item # 14 WW2 German 7 X 50 binocular case


This is a binocular case for 7 X 50 binos. It is not marked r dated but is identical to every one I have ever seen that was dated. It is made from wartime presstoff material. The catch is broken. ON HOLD



Item # 15 WW2 German AfrikaKorps souvenir plates.


I got these 8 inch diameter stone-ware plates in about 1990 in Germany from a woman I met at a flea market. She was fascinated that I came all that way to look for military stuff so she actually went home and fetched these back to the flea market to give to me. She said that her late husband had sent them to her from Afrika. He had been a Luftwaffe beobachter in an artillery unit and he thought they would look good on the mantel at home. She told me that she had put them away as soon as he died (in the 1960s) because she never liked them. Anyway.... now they can be yours. SOLD



Item # 16 WW2 German tropical gas mask lenses


This is a 1943 dated package of tropical issue lenses for the German M38 gas mask. They are packaged in sealed tin due to the climate in Afrika. $15.00



Item # 17 WW2 German MG42 50rd drum magazine


This is an original magazine with a faint maker marking and even fainter date. Definitely not a Yugo one because those are never marked at all. It has been repainted in perfectly matched ordnance tan on the outside and oxide red primer on the inside; just as originals. $125.00



Item # 18 WW2 Nahkampfspange


This is a close combat badge in Bronze with FLL maker markings. I am told by people who are supposed to know this stuff; that this item is a postwar restrike. So I am selling this as a high-level copy. But look at the details. Is it real? I guarantee nothing. SOLD



Item # 19 WW2 German officers belt


This is a large size (about 40 inches) leather belt with a pebbled open-claw buckle. Dated 1935. The leather color seems odd to me but it has not been re-dyed. $35.00 ON HOLD



Item # 20 WW2 German M42 helmet shell


This original GermanWW2 helmet shell (ET64) is in fine shape except for some knot-head drilled a hole in the upper front. If you feel like you can fix this, then it can be yours for a bargain price. SOLD



Item # 21 WW2 German army horse-shoe


Remember that 70% of the German army was horse mounted during the war. That is a lot of Equine feet that needed shoes. Note the threaded holes in the front and sides; typical of mass used design; these were bolted into the hoofs rather than hammered like we see in the old west. This horse shoe is a small one; size 1. Perfect to hang in your garage to bring you luck. Hopefully more luck than the wehrmacht had. $25.00



Item # 22 WW2 German M43 style tropical tunic



Boy...somebody really went to town on this tunic. They shortened the sleeves and drew a swastika on the front pocket. Later somebody tried to bleach that out. Then somebody else cut the insignia off of it. The collar ends are missing and there is a gaping hole where the breast eagle used to be. I can't help it. I just can't throw this away. Buy it for patching material or for the buttons. ON HOLD



Item # 23 WW1 German trench art letter opener


This is carefully machined from a hunk of shrapnel. It has an iron cross motif on it. These were typically made by Germans wheras the allies tended to make paper knives out of brass. A great thing to have on your desk. $55.00



Item #24 WW2 Iron cross issue packets


This is a pair of iron cross issue envelopes. I have no idea of they are original because people are even faking these things today. I am pricing them at $6.00 for the pair. Take a chance.SOLD



Item # 25 WW1 German soldier portrait


Here is a great WW1 German soldiers portrait showing all his field gear, uniform and weapon. Printed on 3 X 5 inch sized post-card stock as was typical of the time. $11.00



Item # 26 WW1 German soldier portrait


Here is a great WW1 German soldiers portrait showing all his field gear, uniform and weapon. Printed on 3 X 5 inch sized post-card stock as was typical of the time. $11.00



Item # 27 WW2 German soldier portrait


A great shot showing some German enlisted man wearing his M35 helmet. $20.00



Item # 28 WW2 German soldier portrait


Another great shot showing some German enlisted man wearing his M35 helmet. It looks like it is a Quist. SOLD



Item # 29 WW2 German bicycle photo


This is a 1943 dated photo ( 2 X 3 inches) of German soldiers from a fahrad unit. Note all the cool details. $12.00



Item # 30 WW2 dagger parts


This is a group od German M33 dagger parts. I found them in my junk box. They appear new in condition and I cannot say if they are original or not. I am not a dagger guy. They are priced at $10 for the batch so you don't have to be a dagger guy either; in order to buy them.ON HOLD



Item # 31 WW2 Iron cross 1st class


I bought this years ago when the chain was still attached to it. Somebody had taken an original Iron cross and made it into a necklace. My ex-wife's dog got a hold of it and broke it so it went into the junk-box (which is where she should have gone). If you can fix it maybe you will have better luck. $50.00ON HOLD



Item # 32 WW2 German 1938 matching mess kit


This is a 1938 dated mess kit made by Ritter aluminum works (maker code HRE). It has matching maker/date marks on the body and the lid. There is a little bit of exterior corrosion but she is clean and usable. SOLD



Item # 33 WW2 FLAK helper hat (???)



This is a really small sized WW2 period civilian bergmutze with a Hitler youth pin attached to the front. SOLD



Item # 34 WW2 Ostfront souvenir


This is a 2 X 3 inch piece of birch bark. Birch trees were a curiosity to Germans who were among the invading Wehrmacht in Russia. Lots of things about that strange land were curiosities to the Germans until the temperatures started falling and the whole thing just didn't seem that much fun any more. This piece of Birch-tree skin was mailed home to the guys loved ones as a souvenir. (later on, I am sure he wished he still had it so at least he could burn it to try to make half a BTU of warmth). A really neat item. I collect these. $15.00ON HOLD



Item # 35 WW2 German EM artillery visor hat



This hat is missing it's metal insignia and it's chin cord but it is in fairly nice shape and worthy of completing it if you are in the mood for a project. SOLD



Item # 36 WW2 reproduction metals


Here is a batch of fake metals that I found in my kid's old toy box. You can buy the lot of them for $20 and put them into your kid's toy box.SOLD



Item # 37 WW2 German gas mask canister


This is dated 1944 on the lid and the closure piece. There is some rust but she has 90% original paint, is free of major dents and still totally usable. SOLD



Item # 38 WW1 German company knot


This is a company knot for hanging on the 98/05 bayonet. The red/white colors indicate 2nd company. The clear plastic bag indicates it is a reproduction. SOLD



Item # 39 WW2 German soldier's Soldbuch


This is an extremely well-used German soldbuch. It is filled with stamps and added pages. It fell apart at one time because it was put together again with paper tape and the pages are out of order. There is tons of info in this book if you feel like prying it apart and digging. 100% original. SOLD




Item # 40 D-day 40th anniversary souvenir


This is a ceramic liquor container made in a commemorative shape for the 1984 celebration of the D-Day 40th anniversary. Remember when Ronald Reagan and Nancy went to Normandy and toured the Omaha beach cemetery and point du hoc? Well, other guys stayed at home and drank Jim Beam from this decanter. I used to go to all the anniversaries in France and used to collect D-Day anniversary items but who has the space anymore? $20.00



Item # 41 WW2 US air corps blood chit in Russian language


This blood-chit came from the estate of Lt General Ira Eaker; wartime commander of the 8th air-force. Yeah, I'm not making that up. But neither can I prove it. I used to have a grouping that was attributed to Eaker and when I sold it, this got separated from it. It was intended for pilots who might be downed over Soviet-held territory. ON HOLD


Item # 42 WW2 KZ camp identification patches


I know you are not going to believe this. I bought an original set of KZ camp striped tunic and trousers from a woman during a hotel-buy in Czech republic back in the 1990s. The clothes had belonged to her husband who had done time as a political prisoner in Flossenburg KZ camp from 1941 to 1944. There were about 5 or 6 of these things stuck in the pocket. The red triangle indicated political prisoner and the "T" indicated Czech nationality. I sold the uniform in 1998 to a collector who specialized in that sort of thing. I had kept these aside because they are unique and they fascinated me. Hand painted on cloth. Meant to be worn over the breast pocket as identification. I don't need them anymore. SOLD



Item # 43 WW2 German battalion standard pole-top


100% fake German army battalion standard pole-top. SOLD



Item # 44 WW2 US paratrooper overseas hat


This is the real deal. But the market has been destroyed for these hats due to the number of put-together examples and the fact that "Band of brothers" is now old news. $35.00ON HOLD



Item # 45 WW2 US paratrooper overseas hat


I am trying to come up with a description that would be different from the above hat. All I can say is that this hat is for a parachute artillery guy. $35.00ON HOLD



Item # 46 WW2 Japanese bayonet



The bayonet is an iconic image of the WW2 Japanese soldier. They ever used a real one in that episode of "Gilligan's island" where there was a Japanese sailor on the island. This one was made in the Kokura arsenal and is probably an early one. $50.00SOLD



Item # 47 WW1 US trench lighter


These are really neat things. All original ones were made by the Bower manufacturing company in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 1917-1919; they were made from brass. Nickel plated ones were made by a company in 1945-46 Austria. This is a WW1 example made by Bower and s fully functional.  $20.00



Item # 48 WW2 Japanese medal


I don't know which medal this is. It is one of the common one's I am sure. Comes in a lacquer box. $15.00ON HOLD



Item # 49 WW2 SS officer's belt buckle


A high quality fake made in Prague, Czech republic in the late 1990s. These used to fool collectors. I saw even the big-wig dealers asking $800 for them back then. Now we know what they are. This one cost $50.00ON HOLD



Item # 50 WW2 MP40 parts



With this set of parts, you can start your very own Schmeisser from the ground up. Includes a pistol-grip frame, firing pin, trigger and trigger bar, ejector, sight hood and muzzle cover. All parts guaranteed 100% nazi-era production. $125.00



Item # 51 16th century pirate coin


About the size of a US Half dollar; this is a 100% genuine Spanish piece of eight from the time of the reign of King Phillip the 3rd (1590s to 1620). Has the Hapsburg cross on one side and the coat of arms of the Catholic kings on the other side. Shows wear on both sides. Heaven only knows what sorts of things this thing was used to pay for over the last 400 years. $300.00



Item # 52 1950s "Yellow cab" taxi drivers hat



Talk about eclectic? This is a 1950s taxi driver hat from the California-based "Yellow cab" company. Peter Falk and Rochester wore these in the movie "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, mad world" in 1960. Original vynil top and wicker sides. They sure don't make them like this any more. $90.00



Item #53 WW1 trench art pair...look closely!


This is a pair of 37mm WW1 shells which have been engraved with a three-panel scene of a hunter stalking a goose, then killing it, than cutting it up. Each shell has the same scene except they are reversed from each other. Never saw a more interesting set. I bought these in Belgium in the late 1990s. You can buy them now. $100.00



Item # 54 WW2 German binocular strap


Completely original. Usable, with sound flexible leather. These came off a set of 1944 dated dienstglas. 100% original pre-1945. Perfect to complete your strapless binoculars. $25.00ON HOLD



Item # 55 WW1 German NCO hat cockards


These are about the size of a penny. with bend-able clips on the rear to install onto your WW1 German feldmutze. These came from a lot of doughboy souvenirs that I bought long ago. I kept them in case I found a hat to put them on but when I did find one, I forgot where I put these. I found them now. $20.00 ON HOLD



Item # 56 WW2 EARLY German belt buckle


This type of buckle was designed during the last years of the Reichswehr and was used by the new Wehrmacht until they came out with their own swastika type. I saw a photo of a pile of these things dug out of a trench line at Stalingrad. Makes sense as many of the regiments of 6th army were founded very early. This example is made from early nickel alloy. The maker mark is worn off the tab. $100.00


Item # 57 WW1 bayonet knot


This is a indian-made modern copy of the WW1 company knot. I forget which company these colors represents but that is why we have Google. $6.00


Item # 58 WW2 NSDAP arm band


This is a modern copy of a fancy Reichsleiter level NSDAP arm band. $10.00ON HOLD



Item # 59 WW1 US rank insignia


20 pieces of original seargents stripes from 1916-1918. You ever know when you'll need 20 of these. So better stock up. ON HOLD


Item # 60 WW1 US rank insignia


Original 1916-1918 manufacture. Unissued. 20 each corporal strips, private stripes and some seargent strips added to balance the lot. ON HOLD



Item # 61 WW2 era German Hirschfanger



This is a Bavarian style Hirschfanger with a blade about 11 inches long. No maker marking and a blade that is decent but not mint. $225.00



Item # 62 WW1 German bayonet knot


This is the same description as #57 and is also $6.00


Item # 63 WW2 German bread bag and strap, 1945



I believe this is known as the M45 bread bag. At least that is what collectors call it. Just look at this sucker. It must have been made literally in the last week of the war. Un-issued condition and in totally mint shape. I'm terribly sorry for the previous typographical error. Originally, this Bread bag was seen priced at $10.00. That is the result of me typing at 2:30 in the morning. The actual price is $100.00. I just double checked and all other prices on this page are correct. My apologies to the dozen people who wrote triyng to buy this bag for $0.00



Item # 63 8 X 10 priod photo of Zyklon B


This is a period photo which; according to the tag on the rear, had something to do with the war crimes trials. $8.00ON HOLD



Item # 64 Nazi document group



This is a group of 6 documents of miscellaneous nature but all dating to pre-1945. approximate 5 X 7 inches. Most has to go with home front stuff. But there is a period photo of the main guy! $15.00 ON HOLD



Item # 65 Nazi Art poster sized photo


This is a brand-new, modern print (of a period painting) on 13 X 19 inch lusterless photo paper. Would be great framed on your wall. I would mail this in a tube. $12.00


Item # 66 Tiger tank poster size photo


This is a brand-new, modern print (of a period photo) on 13 X 19 inch lusterless photo paper. The photo was taken at Hillersleben Panzer training grounds in late 1942 when the tiger tank was being introduced to the Panzer men. I would mail this in a tube.  $12.00



Item # 67 medium NSDAP flag


This is about 2 1/2 feet by 4 feet. Sewn on white disc with printed black swastika. 100% period pre-1945, double sided. The only flaw is a mouse chew near the corner as seen in the pic. $40.00ON HOLD



Item # 68 Small NSDAP flag


This is about 1 1/2 feet by 2 1/2 feet. Sewn on white disc with printed black swastika. 100% period pre-1945, double sided. A very good size for display. $40.00ON HOLD



Item # 69 Large NSDAP flag


This is about 3 feet by 7 feet. Sewn on white disc with printed black swastika. It is single sided with grommets at each corner. It must be for either vehicle or equipment recognition from the air. 100% period pre-1945. $90.00ON HOLD



Item # 70 Camouflage parka set


This is a well used reproduction parka made in about 1995. The white side of the parka shows soiling and a bunch of pin holes. If you want the real "Russian front look", these are it for sure. The trousers are unworn condition. The size is about 44 chest and 40 waist. $40.00 for the set.ON HOLD





I had a lot of fun putting all this stuff onto this page. I'll put another load on here again as soon as I can find the time.

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