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Welcome to my Militaria sales web-page. My name is Michael Niewiarowicz. Mom and Daddy still call me "Mikey". You may have met me at one of the shows that Daddy takes me to. I have been collecting for a couple years now and recently my interest has changed from mostly Japanese stuff to German Luftwaffe stuff. My Dad bought me a Luftwaffe hat on our last trip to Normandy and since then, I know that I really want to collect Luftwaffe stuff.

So here is a list of the stuff that I have sorted out of my collection. My Dad has helped me with the photos but the descriptions and prices are mine. If I am able to sell some stuff, I plan to buy more Luftwaffe stuff.


If you want to buy something, Please send an E-mail to my dad's address ( wii1944@aol.com ) I don't have my own computer. If you buy something, you'd have to send the payment to him because I can't get a bank account for another 8 years.



Item 0022 Japanese army helmet


This one is also a reproduction. It has a very convincing star on the front. But the straps are not very good. Still it makes a great display. $45.00



Item 0025 WW2 style Russian helmet


This helmet is probably a post war one made in the late 40s or 50s. But it looks just like the kind they used in the second half of WW2. I wanted to get this helmet after my Daddy took me to Stalingrad a few years ago. I was really interested in Russian stuff for a while. The size is medium. (They made three different shell sizes) Nearly in mint condition. $75.00



Item 0026 Polish helmet from the 1980s


This is a really neat Polish helmet. I was told that these are very hard to find. The shell looks like the Russian style. It has the Polish eagle on the front. I think it might be from the time after the Polish stopped being communist. But I really don't know. $50.00



Item 0030 M1918 Swiss army helmet


I think that these are the coolest looking helmets of all time. This one was designed in 1918 but it was made during the 50s according to my dad. It has the name tag inside it just like the paratrooper helmet above. $25.00



Item 0002 Japanese Mess kit


I really wanted to eat Rice out of this mess kit but Mom said I couldn't unless I boil it for a week. But who has time for that? It is dirty from being used but it's in nice shape with no dents or holes. SOLD