Item 2069  WW1 French 2 liter canteen


Here is a great example of a WW1 produced M1877 2-liter canteen. It is made from tinned steeland has no leaks or dents.  It is doubtful that this example ever had the horizon blue wool cover as the body is in excellent condition with no traces of a cover which may have existed and rotted away. The carry strap is a riveted example which is indicative of 1915-16 "ersatz" production (another indicator that there was never a cover issued with this canteen). The manufacture marking indicates production by the P.C. Plombiers company (a supplier of plumbing products in Paris in the early 20th century). Both stopper s are present and even have their original cords. Overall condition is non-upgradable. SOLD



Item 2068  WW1 French soldiers tinned steel cup


One of the "Iconic" items of WW1 French kit. Seen everywhere in use by every French "Poilu". This example is in nice shape with 95% of it's original tin plating. Quite usable. Made by the Japy brothers metal stamping works in Paris. SOLD



Item 2066  WW1 US Knuckle knife


 Here is a nice example of the original "Knuckle duster" made famous in the trenches of WW1. These "Au lion" marked ones were provided to the A.E.F by the French. This one has a clean blade and intact prongs on the scabbard. Later this model was copied by the LF&C company who made them for use during WW2. SOLD



Item 2067  WW1 US trench lighter


 This is the special model produced only by the Bower manufacturing company of Kalamazoo, Michigan. These were very often found in the personal effects of doughboy groupings back when vet-lots of US WW1 soldiers were common. It is a brass windproof lighter with a standard wick and striker arrangemnet. Flints can still be purchased as they are the same used in modern Zippo-type lighters. Functional and useful for those of you who still smoke. ON HOLD



Item 2063  WW1 French reservists canteen "calendar"


 I love stuff like this and used to pick it up all the time back when I regularly visited France. It is a miniature M1877 dual spout French canteen that has about a hundred thin paper discs attached at the center. The idea was that a French reservist who entered the army for a period of one year would use this thing to count down his days still left in service; removing a paper disc every couple of days. Most of the ones that I had ever seen were "used"; that is, the discs were all gone. To collectors of this type of ephemera, this one represents a real rarity. The rear is stamped in embossed letters "Bidon de la Classe" meaning something like "Class canteen" for the soldiers of that class (or reservist 1911 or 1914 or whenever they were in the reserve). You'll love this thing as much as I do. $65.00




Item 2064  WW1 French reservist souvenir


 This is sort of along the lines of the canteen above. A souvenir of one's time in the reserve. It is a miniature of the standard issue M1855 mess kit with chain-attached lid and spoon/fork. Made of high nickel alloy. Dates to Pre-WW1 or early WW1 before they gave up on such foolish mementoes. $75.00




Item 2065  WW1 French miniature canteen


 This is made from solid terra cotta and the cup is stamped metal. A really neat period curio. $30.00




Item 2062  WW1 French Lebel bayonet with wartime frog.


 This is a full-length M1886 bayonet for the ubiquitous Lebel rifle as used through-out WW1. The frog is the best part. Made of riveted leather indicative of 1915-1916 production. Solid and sound in and out. SOLD




Item 2062  WW1 French Mess kit


This is a very nice example of the French Model 1855 mess kit as used throughout WW1. (shows you how often the French army updated their gear) Nice and usable with 95% if it's original tin plating and it has the rarely encountered center plate section. Best example you are likely to find. SOLD


In the 1973 movie "Pappilion" which is about the French penal colony at Devil's Island; you can see these M1855 mess kits in use by Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman. How is that for realism in hollywood?




Item 2053  WW1 French M1915 Helmet


Here is a very good specimen of the French M1915 helmet with infantry badge. The paint is 95% intact. The badge is original to the helmet. The size is small but obviously this particular soldier had an even smaller head as he rolled up a newspaper and lined the helmet interior with it to make the fit better. You can see a prtion of it between the fingers of the liner leather. I have not removed the paper but I am sure you would find a 1917 or 1918 date on it. The chinstrap is original to the helmet and is soundly affixed. SOLD



Item 2057  WW1 French "Boutelion" soup carrier


One of these was issued to every 6th or 8th man in a unit. It was intended to be used to carry up the daily soup/stew ration. (The french were big on soup...but oddly never heard of Cambell's "French onion")

This example is in excellent condition. One of the nicest I have ever seen. No dents, dings or leaks. Perfectly usable. The tin plating is 95% or better. 100% original pre-1919 manufacture. $175.00



Item 2058  WW1 French "Plat a quatre"


Literally the "plate for 4"; theoretically one was carried by every fourth man or two per squad. Meant to prepare rations in the trenches. (You have to love the way the French thought about these things)

This example is in excellent condition. One of the nicest I have ever seen. No dents, dings or leaks. Perfectly usable. The tin plating is 95% or better. 100% original pre-1919 manufacture. $95.00



Item 2052  WW1 US camouflage helmet, well ID'd



Here is a great US M1917 helmet with a three color camouflage pattern. As most of these US camos are; this one was no-doubt inspired by the camouflage patterns that the US soldiers saw on captured German helmets.  The paint rates at 95% while the liner is long gone. The helmet is ID'd to H. Vanderlinder of Co. K,  52nd regiment. One of the more attractive examples I have seen in a while. SOLD




'Item 2051  WW1 French Chasseur helmet.


Here is a very decent example of the hard-to-find M1915 Adrian with an originally applied Chasseur frontal badge. The paint is the early HB type and the liner is the first pattern with all attaching prongs intact. The chinstrap is broken. Overall an above average example. $325.00

Buy it today and pay hommage to the glory of France!!

You know, The WW1 French veteran is probably the most respectable thing to have sprung from French culture in the past 200 years. Mistreated and misused by their own commanders; these guys held the line against overwhelming pressure for 4 years. They bled the Germans white (much as did the Russians of WW2) throwing back the best that Falkenhayn or Ludendorf could throw at them. My hat is off to them.




Item 2021  WW1 British pattern '08 small pack and strap


Pattern 1908 kit is just not something that you find every day. This small pack is a bit faded on the outside  but has not been blanco'd or dyed. It is marked and dated 1918 on the inside flap. The carry strap is in near mint condition with 1918 date. Price $195.00



Item 2019  WW1 French "Ersatz" mess kit.


This is fine example of a 1915 period "ersatz" version of the standard M1855 mess kit. This one was produced with a large wire carrying bale instead of the more commonly see wire handles which were fixed directly to the sides of the body. This model does not have the insert plate (that came later as a modification of the mess kit as a result of general improvements brought about by the 1917 mutiny in the French army) This example is quite rare and comes from my personal collection. It is in excellent condition with 95% of it's original tin-plating. Maker marks or dates? The French rarely applied these in the best of times. You'll never find an ersatz mess kit with such markings. Price $225.00


Item 2018  WW1 French Kilometer marking figure


This is a very neat 1920s made terra-cotta 6 inch tall copy of the kilometer marking stones which were placed alongside of the "voie-sacree"; the road which runs from Verdun down to bar-le-duc and was the only road left open during the Verdun battle. It was the only vein open for supply of the beleagured city and through which was poured the life-blood of France in such immense draughts. These were available at souvenir shops in Verdun from the 1920s to the beginning of the second war. Very nice condition. Price $50.00



Item 2010  WW1 French Adrian helmets


This is an original WW1 produced French Adrian helmet with Infantry badge that has been stripped and re-painted in the correct 1917 era lusterless blue-grey paint.  The liner and chinstrap are high-quality reproductions. The size of this helmet is LARGE. I wear a 7 3/4 hat size and it almost fits me. It will safely fit a 7 1/2. The French produced three helmet sizes and this is the largest (and very rarely encountered) size. If you are looking for a French Adrian helmet to wear, you can't do better than this. Price $275.00 **  Temporarily SOLD out....really, I don't know when I will find other large shells to restore.**





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