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Item 7390  WW2 German Officer sword by Paul Seilheimer



This is a decent example of an army officer sword by Paul Seilheimer. 30 inch blade. Very good handle with full wire-wrap. It retains most of the fire-gilt. The blade is very good with no sharpening or pitting. The scabbard has some surface rust. $250.00



Item 7391  WW2 German Officer sword/Eickhorn field marshal series



This is one of the Eickhorn Field marshal series of army officer swords. It is Pattern 1706 Scharnhorst (named for the field Marshal of Napoleonic times). 35 inch blade. Very good handle with full wire-wrap. It retains most of the fire-gilt. The blade is very good with no sharpening or pitting. $450.00



Item 7392  WW2 German Officer sword/Eickhorn field marshal series



This is one of the Eickhorn Field marshal series of army officer swords. It is Pattern 1693 - Wrangel (Friedrich Heinrich Ernst Graf von Wrangel [April 13, 1784  November 2, 1877[ was a Generalfeldmarschall of the Prussian Army) 33 inch blade. Very good handle with full wire-wrap. It retains most of the fire-gilt. The blade is very good with no sharpening or pitting. Has an excellent portapee. $450.00



Item 7393  WW2 German Officer sword/Eickhorn field marshal series



Another example of Pattern 1693 - Wrangel from the Eickhorn Field marshal series of army officer swords.  32 inch blade. This one has very thin gilting compared to the other. I believe that the scabbard was repainted as I can see brush strokes. But there is enough patina on it that I assume it was period done. $300.00



Item 7386    SA dagger by Gebruder Heller



This dagger is particularly nice with a fine wood handle and almost all of the lacquer remaining on the scabbard. The early blade is marked by Gebruder Heller and retains the majority of it's original cross grain as well as deeply burnished motto that really stands out. All fittings are tight and sound. The screws appear never to have been turned. If not for a few scratches on the wooden grip obverse, the dagger is nearly perfect. I doubt you'll find a nicer one. $875.00




Item 7387   A model 1937 Luftwaffe dagger by F.W. Holler.




You really have to examine all the close-up photos to appreciate this dagger. It is a text book Holler all the way around. Nicely rendered aluminum fitting whch are tight and sound. No play in the grip and all screws are intact; showing no evidence of having been turned. The blade is excellent and shows the maker mark very well. The dagger is topped off with a knot and set of hangers which are; by all indications, original to the piece. This one really is an example which I almost kept for myself. ON HOLD




Item 7388   An Army Officer's dagger by F.W. Holler



I have always liked Holler daggers. But that is just me. This is an early piece with excellent detail, great patina that can only accumulate on daggers that are made from these types of early alloys. The handle is flawless, the blade is spotless and all is tight with no evidence that it's ever been taken apart. $595.00




Item 7389   An Army Officer's dagger by Carl Eickhorn



I am not sure that my photos can do this one justice. But it is a excellent basic example of a Carl Eickhorn Army officer dagger from the early years when quality still meant something. The blade is immaculate with almost all of it's cross-grain. The patina has coated the nickel surfaces in all the right places. Note the "Ghost" that appears on the scabbard right where the swastika/wreath covers it when the dagger is placed in the scabbard. That is a feature that you always want to see in these early daggers. It means nthat it hasn't been cleaned or messed with. All fittings are sound and tight. No evidence that the blade has ever been dismounted or even the handle removed. I do believe that the knot is original to the piece. Price $650.00




Item 7383   An early Model 33 SS dagger by 120/34




The maker of this dagger is one of several early makers which are not identified by the company name on the blade and the hersteller number is unknown. In this case the manufacture is identified simply as "120" and the year of production is 1934. Daggers with these markings are nt observed bearing the Rohn inscription which most likely indicates they were made after the elimination of Rohm during the "night of the long knives" in Late June 1934.

This dagger has a very nice ebony wood handle with no cracks or chips. The hardware is full nickel and likewise; shows no damage. Just a very attractive and even patina over the surface. The scabbard retains most of it's paint as well as a good amount of the original lacquer coating. All screws are un-turned. The blade has some light spots but the motto is great and there is lots of original cross-grain still showing. The vertical hanger looks as though it is original to the dagger and remans in excellent condition. Overall, complete and very honest appearing example. SOLD




Item 7384   2nd model Kriegsmarine dagger; complete rig




This is a very good example of the second pattern KM dagger with lightning bolt scabbard made by Eickhorn. It has a very nice set of hangers and a wartime nylon knot (with a correct double hith clove tie) which appears to be original to the dagger.  The off-white grip is in flawless condition and is tightly wrapped with a single strand brass wire. The scabbard is without any dents and the blade goes in and out without impediment. The blade itself shows a very small amount of oxidation damage near the maker mark. Otherwise; only standard runner marks. The hangers have no snags or weak spots in the fabric. The patina of the fittings matches that of the dagger itself. A wonderful set. SOLD




Item 7385   A very nice Luftwaffe first model dagger




This is one of the nicest examples that I have ever seen.  The most important thing about these daggers in my opinion is the leather covering and in the case of this example, the leather is quite nice. The fittings are bright and shiny but show no evidence of having been cleaned. The blade bears the WKC maker mark and is nearly flawless. The chain is in likewise condition and is marked by OLC. I doubt you'll find a better one than this. ON HOLD




Item 7374   A pair of SS mess hall stoneware


This is a 3.5 inch plate and a small condiment bowl. Each marked at the bottom with SS property marks. They are matching dates but not matching manufacturers. Condition is as per photos. Excellent. $195.00 for the two.




Item 7375   KM small plates


These are two KM mess hall plates. The 1940 dated one is abut 6.5 inches while the 1939 dated one is 6 inches. Perfect condition. $60 each or two for $100




Item 7376   Luftwaffe gravy server


I use one of these myself. I like this one because it is late war. One doesn't see too many late war mess hall items. It's about 7 inches long. Perfect condition. $75.00




Item 7382   SS Rottenfuhrer chevrons


SS chevrons for a Rottenfuhrer. Completely original. One has white tresse and the other has yellow-ish. $50 each.




Item 7367  Luftwaffe model 1933 "first pattern" dagger.



I won't try to come up with any flashy adjectives to make this dagger out to be more than what it is. It's a medium condition example. Unmarked blade, decent condition through-out but nothing special. It is 100% original and in textbook configuration. Complete with knot. $500.00




Item 7360  Early SS Officer sword/Eickhorn field marshal series





This is an example of a sword from the Eickhorn "Feldmarshall series". This model known as the "Prinz Eugen" and is the second rarest out of the 9 different patterns of the field marshal series. The "Prinz Eugen" was favored by SS officers in the years before they came out with the M36 officer degen.  The "Prin Eugen was also worn by Army officers on occasion. ( actually, if you just untie the knot from the handle of this sword, it becomes an army officer's sword.) This sword has with it; an original SS officers sword knot which is reportedly original to the sword; having been on it since it was obtained from the veteran source. The blade is 35 inches long with an overall length of 40 inches. The blade is well marked by Eickhorn and being nickel plated, it remains in excellent condition. The handle and cross guard retains a good amount of it's original gilding and the grip is in excellent condition. The knot shows just a bit of wear as can be seen in the photos but is 100% textbook original and has the black SS RZM tag sewn on the inside. This one is a great example. $2750.00 (I have seen the knots themselves being offered for prices $1500-2000)



Item 7383   Aluminum enlisted man's SS belt buckle


Here is a 1938 dated Aluminum SS buckle that has some wear and dents but is everything you want an original to be. SOLD






Item 7394   The "Boche" in surrender, 1945


This is a cool item that I picked up somewhere in France back in the 90s. Its brass cast and I believe it is 1945 vintage. It's about 5 inches tall. $50.00




Item 7356  German SS officer portrait


This is a colorized portrait (Professionally mounted in a deluxe matted frame) of SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Helmuth Schrieber who was commander of 10/SS Panzergrenadier regiment "Deutschland" and won his Knights cross during the Kursk Battles in July of 1943. The portrait is printed on high-quality luster photo paper with 100 year ink. The portrait itself measures about 8 X 10 inches. The frame overall is 12 X 14 inches. Perfect to enhance the wall of your war room. I should make sure that you are aware that this is a newly printed photo in a modern frame. There is nothing vintage about this. It is purely ornamental. $35.00



Item 7357  German SS officer portrait


This is a colorized portrait of an SS officer who I do not know his identity. He is well decorated and apparently was responsible for the single handed destruction of several enemy tanks. Professionally mounted in a multi-matted frame. The framed photograph is overall is 13 X 15 inches. Perfect to enhance the wall of your war room. I should make sure that you are aware that this is a newly printed photo in a modern frame. There is nothing vintage about this. It is purely ornamental. $40.00




Item 7365  Cased Eastern People's badge 1st class


This is a first class eastern people's badge. I believe that it was issued in gold but the zinc metal of old badges has this annoying was of just absorbing the gilt; even when the badge is stored correctly. Still this medal is quite difficult to find in it's original box. The maker is unknown. The price is $250




Item 7355  German cross in gold



There are copies and there are fakes. Fakes are intended to fool and are often so close that even experts will be fooled by them. This medal is a copy. I believe it is the best copy that you will find... It won't fool an expert but it's really pretty good. Compare it will a real one in the last photo. $90.00




Item 7344  WW2 SS sleeve eagle


This is a nice un-used bevo sleeve eagle with a black wool backing. $250.00ON HOLD





Item 7345  WW 2SS sleeve eagle


This wool sleeve eagle has been used and removed from a uniform. $200.00ON HOLD           




Item 7346  WW2 SS sleeve eagle


This one has a hersteller tag at the rear. Un-used, guaranteed pre1945. $275.00




Item 7350  WW2 SS cap skull


Quite impressive, isn't it? No matter how real it looks...I believe that this is a reproduction and I am selling it as such. $100.00


Isn't this a cool photo? The back is captioned "George 1963". Looks like a WW2 vet wearing a mixture of war souvenirs. A customs visor, an army musician NCO waffenrock and N.S.D.A.P. armband. Don't forget the P-38 pistol.


Item 7330  WW2 Army belt buckle


Here is an un-issued army belt buckle made by JFS. Just a tiny portion of paint is flecked off. Minty leather tab. $250.00



Item 7331  WW2 Army belt buckle


Here is a buckle that would be difficult to upgrade. Minty leather tab and 99% original paint. $250.00



Item 7316  Radio operator / air gunner badge in Aluminum!




This is about as nice an example as can be found. both catch and hinge are completely intact with no cracks or damage (a common problem with aluminum badges. The wreath assembly is in aluminum while the eagle/swastika is buntmetal. The case is original to the badge. $1700.00



Item 7296  assorted stick pins


What would life be without a stick-pin every now and then? These are all priced at $20.00 each. Take your pick.

The following are are SOLD

#1, #6




The very best in collector reference books


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